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Like a Bank, Only Better.

Higher Deposit 利率, Lower 贷款利率, Fewer Fees.

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There's No Reason to Make a 检查 Account Complicated

No Monthly Fee

业务 Basic 检查 Ideal for small businesses & non-profits with an average daily balance of $10,000 or less

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A Credit Card Designed Around Your 业务

No Annual Fee

BUSINESS REWARDS VISA Peace of mind at home and on the road with built-in travel and purchase protection benefits

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元素 in the Community

Our Pillars of Giving

At 元素, we are proud of our community. This pride is precisely why we have defined three focus areas for our community relations program.

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Partner with 元素

Band of Believers in 元素 Financial

We’re Building a Band of Believers in Financial 好吧ness

For over 80 years, 元素 Financial Federal Credit Union has been the trusted financial services partner of Eli Lilly. Today we serve the employees of over 100 companies around the U.S.

Partner with 元素

In the 新闻

Donation to Local At-Risk Scholars Supports Their College Dreams

Donation to Local At-Risk Scholars Supports Their College Dreams

元素 partnered with DREAM Alive to supply more than 20 laptop computers to local students.

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Focused on Your Financial 好吧ness

We're like a bank, only better. Better 利率. 更少的费用. Trusted 建议. Fresh Approach. Respected Locally. Accessed Globally. 高科技. Human Touch.

元素 Financial is a credit union. What's a credit union? Glad you asked! A credit union is a not-for-profit bank that's owned by its members. That means we offer all the same products as a bank, but our profits are returned to our owner-members in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

About 元素

As a non-profit, member-owned credit union, 元素 Financial Federal Credit Union has the ability to do some pretty amazing things for our members. While offering all the products, instruments and technologies of a conventional bank, our unique business model allows us to return profits to our member-owners in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

Dependability and innovation: these twin concepts work in harmony as the tenets of 元素’ promise to our customers. Our practical financial advice is dependable enough to have earned us ranking among the top 4% of credit unions in the U.S., with more than 100,000 members and $2.0 billion in assets. Our spirit of innovation spurs us to constantly search for better and more convenient amenities for our partners, like holding financial workshops at their workplaces.

Financial 资源

元素 Financial Federal Credit Union has been a part of the Central Indiana community since 1930. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned in those 80+ years, one of respect for—and from—our neighbors. We’re also proud to offer our clients access to our services wherever they go, 与78年,000 ATMs and 5,000 shared branches worldwide—and nary a surcharge to be found at any of them.

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For centuries, financial institutions offered highly personal human service, but the hours? 可笑的. Then the digital revolution arrived, and the pendulum swung the other way: super-convenient hours …but service that had become cold and impersonal. 好吧, now 元素 has gotten the formula right: modern technology made personal by 24/7 human support. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and we feel we’ve got the balanced resources to achieve it.

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